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alleyone music:

Bruce Grant

September 18, 2014

Just saying, "Hi, Mike!"
My daughter's 40th b'day is Sept. 22, so I'll be in Sebastopol then at the Old Main Street Saloon, where she's a bartender (Nikki Grant) & there will be a party for her during Happy Hour. Drop by if you have time, or send me an e-mail before then if we can connect otherwise then. Cheers!

Mark Davis

April 18, 2014

Hi Michael!

Tom Sullivan

October 9, 2012

Miguel, always enjoy your websites ... And, as always - 'no moss on your back!' Continued sucess to both you and Karen...

John Langlois

May 31, 2011

Man will I ever finish the damn CD !?!?!?!?!

Steve Bryant

July 10, 2010

Hi Michael,

I'm Dave Erdmann's high school friend and current tub thumper. Dave sent me the link to your page. Nice work! I hope to meet you some time.

Linda Ferro

April 5, 2010

Hi Michael...I was checking out your studio info (like to know what's out there for referrals) and noticed that your home page doesn't have the update info about your open mic gig at Aubergine (but you already knew that!). I'll try to make it down there some time, maybe a week or so before our May 21 gig to help generate some interest. Well, thanks for your commitment to music, and good luck with your projects....

Alan Stassforth

January 7, 2010

Michael!!!!! I really like your web page picture!I totally understand it!

Tom Sullivan

March 8, 2009

Hey Micheal,

Great site! Love the photos.
Look forward to hearing your music in the 'not-so-far-off'

Been working with Bang and Trident Records. Nice to be back in the saddle again

~ Tom


April 18, 2008

Touching Bass...

I am still in shock I met you this evening - it was like the 2nd coming of Christ!

Listened to the Cocktail Napkin CD on my way home - beautiful!

Great to meet you and I'll see you in the future - got your webpage bookmarked.

Thanks for the great music - you are a great bassist!

All the best,

Santa Rosa

john santoro & Wanda

March 30, 2008

Hey Michael,
great show last night. Loved the hendrix/Dylan tunes! Met drummer Tim last week through my neighbors, Heather and Dave. Super turnout and saw some old friends.
hope all is well.
See ya soon and we'll be in touch for memorial weekend party at our place.


December 30, 2007

very good , useful site


December 7, 2007

Oh, I forgot to say that, "Cocktail Napkin"!!!!!!!!!1
Kicks it!
That means it's really good.


December 7, 2007

Nice ketchup/catsup clip!
Which is it, and what's the difference?


November 6, 2007

Your are dean martin reincarnated if he took up surfin....the CD should sell just from the cover alone

Adrian Wong

October 2, 2007

Hi Michael,

Great to see that you're still in the biz. I'll have to try to catch up to you sometime. Still recording on my end working mostly with HD audio and still doing live.


Inge and Tove (What a duo!)

September 24, 2007

Wow, Michael, your fingernails aren't painted burgundy anymore! But the fingers are still playing great, and greater! Thanks for the postcard so I could get on to hear you, I'll get a CD to take down to Tove in St. Croix next month.....I'm still in PG.....Love to you, I&T Too many years...

Edgar Paterson Mills

September 12, 2007

Wow, what a bass history. A fortunate musicians rebirth. Keep on Truckin.....

peace out

Martie McPherson

August 31, 2007

Hey Michael... at long last I'm finally looking at your website. I love it of course! Thanks again for recording Dougie and me and making us sound like we know what we're doing! I love your CD and the artwork is perfectly unique ... you're such a clever devil. See ya 'round the 'hood.

adamo amore

June 30, 2007

congrats on the new cd!!!
"Cocktail Napkin" sounds great and looks just as good! I called that number on the napkin, but Karen doesn't live there anymore...

Alan & Donnie Klingen

June 14, 2007


Brian Geagan

May 28, 2007

great photos, michael

Steve from Bako

May 7, 2007

Whoa - What a kick! I was a friend of Carols from Bakersfield and a fan of Marvin Gardens. I saw the band numerous times in Sausalito and I believe the last time was at a place called Saturnalias? What little "taste" in music that I have, came from her.

I kept in touch with Carol until about 1980 but since then I've only heard second hand news. I believe the last was that she was in Bako. That was about 2004. Write if you know more.

Anyway, I really enjoyed hearing the mp3s - Titanic with Kazoo! I'm still waiting for that MG album to come out.

Also - I listened to some of your recent recordings. Excellent!



January 29, 2007

Well, I came back to your site, to find a bunch of great pics! Love it!
Hey, when can we buy your CD? I've heard some of it, and I really like it, especially that song "Tremolux"?


January 29, 2007

Well, I came back to your site, and it is awesome! I love those pictures! Get the "Cocktail Napkin" job done, because what I've heard so far is ex-o-lante! A.

Bill from Pacifica

January 4, 2007

Nice web site Michael. Elizabeth and I look forward to Cocktail Napkin to play on our iPods. See you sometime soon at the Chalet.

Claudia and Vince

December 29, 2006

Like your site Michael! Tunes sound good -- hope to see you at the Chalet on the 13th. Happy New Year!

Benchmark Fudge

December 7, 2006

This site burns rubber! Can't believe how your collection of pics gathers up 4 decades of memories. Very cool.

Great job Michael. Good luck with the Napkin.

Tom Sullivan

November 27, 2006

Hey Miguel - my many-year mutual friend of Billy Stapleton;
What a great site! The memories at times - parallel mine. And what a prolific picker you are. And Alley One - is smokin'! What a great deal... You've given me the needed inspiration
to get my stuff in order. Thank you, Miguel. Continued success,

-- tom


November 26, 2006

My owner is a fun guy! He feeds me all kinda leftovers, and sometimes fresh stuff! It's true he's never taken me to Phoenix to eat Pizza, but I'm still hoping... Plus he is a real nice feller and everybody seems to love him. And Music? He is the best!
Keep up the good work, master!

helen eging

November 25, 2006 your site!!!! and your music!!

Ianinni Bongiovanni

November 25, 2006

Love the art, and some of those old photographs are amazing... Who shot those? Must be some genius. You go, Mikey!

Randy McKernan

October 23, 2006

Great stuff, Michael!
We all enjoy your live music on Friday nights too.


October 22, 2006

Michael M-Box Lindner is one of the finest personages on the planet! A great Musician, a expert mechanic and an all around nice guy. It's about time he has his own website... Best of Luck, -Arnold from Philadelphia.

Ianos Bongiovanni

October 22, 2006

Known Michael since his Berkeley daze. He's the real deal. I am the proud owner of a Marvin Gardens EP and the classic "Youth in Asia" 45. He's got a 'message to send ya'! I also have a great archive of Mikey pics. Watch for their release on the site. Some day my prints will come...

Annie Dew

October 20, 2006

Great site, Michael! I like the design, the music, and the fact that you are doing your own music! Way to go! Looking forward to Cocktail Napkin!

Chris Bramble

October 19, 2006

Looking good Michael! Good for you - you're too good a musician to only accompany others. Best wishes on Cocktail Napkin!

~~ Chris

spencer chan

October 19, 2006

hey michael,cool website!! hope all is well. i miss the aqua velvet doods!!later, spencer

Alan Stassforth

October 14, 2006

Great job Michael, as always.
I couldn't tell which of those hippies in the M.A.S. band was you, though. Love ya.A.

Lou Salerno

October 13, 2006

Can't say it any better than those that have preceded me in the book.
Best and continued success in your endeavors!

Billy Stapleton

October 13, 2006

Very nice presentation Mikey, as always very nice work, how about some pictures? You are a handsome guy after all, the web is loaded with sites of guys too homely to post a picture, show 'em who you are! Love you, talk soon. Stapes


October 13, 2006

Cool !