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alleyone music: Links


little lost boys

find the little lost boys here...

rip johnny downer

rock in peace johnny downer...

cd baby
online site to purchase cocktail napkin

michael joly magically makes relatively inexpensine microphones into contenders to the big names.

working wonders with good mics to make them wonderful instruments of recording. michael joly

black lion audio
i have been using a black lion audio "tweak head" moded digidesign 002r for about two months now and it is the greatest upgrade to my studio since the extinction of the razor blade :) checkout the site if your at all interested in digital audio recording.
chris lods video "come to me"
videos are showing...
chris lods video "pink bikini"
chris lods video "running to tibet"
Los Angeles Recording Studios
MySonicTemple is a state of the art recording studio in Los Angeles. Johannes Luley is an accomplished engineer and producer with 2 Grammy nominations.
cascade microphones
check out this washington state based microphone company. cool ribbon mics. robert plant has #000 c77, i have #003, a great vocal mic
itunes cocktail napkin
where to find cocktail napkin on itunes
michael lindner's myspace
check out my myspace site...
miles corbin/aqua velvets
daniel levitin's ipod
this is your brain on music
think for myself, do what I love, and the world will change
ski nelson, songwriter piano/keyboard player
bruce latimer show
shig and buzz
shigemi komiyama, drummer with the aqua velvets
peter kaukonen
adam lieb
free peoples
live video from 14 below
dry creek guitars
Dry Creek Guitars are crafted by John O’Hanesian in his one-man workshop in Northern California’s wine country. he is instrumental in keeping my stringed instruments in great shape. he also builds beautiful acoustic instruments. thanks, john
amber lee baker
Amber Lee and the Anomalies have a unique blend of fun, soulful and unusual songs that take you on an imaginative musical adventure. Combining accordion, banjo, drums, and upright bass with female vocals and harmonies, they tell captivating stories about the distortion of time, bumps in the road, rural cemeteries, glowing estuaries, pancakes, and rodeo clowns in roadside bars. check her out...
those darn accordions
what did i do? i put an accordion in the hands of paul rogers...
advanced audio microphones
i met dave on ebay and have been using his microphones. check them out. they are all over my new cd.
sound on sound magazine
my fave music biz and studio mag with great reviews and how to's.
bad habit recordings
my friend gordon brislawn is running the old journey/herbie herbert studio in sf. this is a preliminary beta version
pete mcrae
george chavez, cellist
there's always room for cello. george just played on a few tracks to be on the new adam lieb cd...
lauren ellis
lauren was the lead guitar player in transistor rodeo. an amazing slide player.
billy stapleton
chris bramble
italian surf/instrumental site mastered by roberto ruggeri
joe satriani-guitar planet
hear "the squares" andy milton, joe satriani and jeff campitelli
ron renninger
a fine singer/songwriter. we played music together in the early 70's in sonoma county; the band was called renninger.
stori davis
i met stori while working at epiphany music in santa rosa. stori plays and teaches djembe and other african percussion.
house of x
ron rigler mastering engineer
rotosound strings
globe records
where you can find: transistor rodeo, the baxter brothers and those darn accordions.
remember mitchell
the lead singer and flamboyant story teller of the red baron.

visual artists

11th street photo
the site of photographer john gretzinger.
david licht photography
david works for att and he fixed my dsl and he takes great photos.
nicholas wilson photography
photographer of the mendocino all stars in the 70's
Vince Koloski Studios LLC · San Francisco, CA
look into the light
amanda hass

radio stations

tom hinders oberlan college
Tsunami Soul WOBC 91.5 FM Fridays, 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. EST
krush radio
my favorite radio station