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it's been a while... - April 7, 2018

ok it's again been years since i have updated this website... let's see

well it only took 45 years 

marvin gardens the band i played in in san francisco ca in 1968 has released a album...

vinyl, cd and digital formats.

live recordings from the matrix in sf , 5 tunes from a warner bros session in LA at sunset studios... on high moon records... excellent nostalgia...

i'm helping my musician friend rebuild his home after the sonoma county oct 2017 fires...

playing music with:

the aqua avelvets

dave hamilton

jon gonzales and carissa green

the rains

recording several projects with:

dave hamilton

jon gonzales

the rains

holden ukelele player


vintage u.s. made harmony, kay and various japanese basses and guitars


music releases:

hump      jon gonzales

suck a fish  surgical sturgeon 

the chipper   gualala 

all on cd baby...

continued to 2015 - September 16, 2014

new cds new music news:

intuitive compass-follow yours

      recorded in feb of this year at alleyonemusic. they continue to bring great tunes to record. they are currently traveling across country in a converted school bus.

the rains-stubborn dreams

      recorded at smash recording nashville, tn and alleyonemusic, healdsburg, ca. compiled from prior sessions in nashville. edited, additional recordings, mixing and mastering here. marty and carol are both great songwriters. carol is a grand prize winner of the ASCAP foundation/lilith fair songwriting contest. they are now living in sonoma county.

dave hamiliton-thinking about time

    recorded at alleyonemusic. dave hamilton is an award winning songwriter and guitar player. we met at an open mic and have been playing together pretty much ever since. we just finished an extensive farmer's market tour of marin and sonoma county this summer.... "kale, kale the gang's all here"   :)    there's a new cd in the works

jon gonzales-water and whiskey

   a prolific songwriter and ukelele player. recorded at alleyonemusic. we also met at an open mic and have been playing music ever since. now with 9 songs in the process of a new cd.

  just released june 2015 a new cd from jon gonzales entitled Hump

and me-coveralls're already here... :)

   a cd full of cover tunes that i recorded over the past years with the help of a few friends on a few tunes... contact me for a copy...unreleased at the moment.

    and.. the aqua velvets are at it once again.   

    we have been playing around this summer and are looking forward to more music next year... a new cd?   well, who knows? i sure hope so...

too much to talk about - February 26, 2014

but i'll try,

new cd with my friend of 45 years, billy stapleton. 

"moon over healdsburg" limited edition. i have a few. it will be available on cd baby and all digital distributuion very soon. not your father's music cd... :)

the aqua velvets are playing and miles corbin will be in the studio for a session... i'm excited.

just finished tracking a new intuitive compass cd...

tracking a new jon gonzales cd

tracking a new michael b. serious cd

 look out for music from the rains...

dave hamilton has been seen hanging around the studio microphones... 

 tracking a wonderful singer/writer paul henry

a new alleyonemusic  compilation will be out hopefully by the end of the year.

i remember my parents talking about losing friends in their later lives.

 it's happening to me and i don't like it.

so keep tuned in and further news will be posted.



2009? - August 20, 2013

well, it's been quite a whiles since i've visited this place. a lot has happened. a few more cds, a few more bands, a few old bands and much much more.

    where do i start?...

 the aqua velvets are back.  that's right. miles corbin has fought the ultimate fight and is ripping on guitar. we've played a bunch of shows this year (2013) with more to come. if you are on my email list you'll hear about them.

 i've released an alleyonemusic compilation. many artists i have met over the years at shows and open mics.

                              oh yeah,i retired from aubergine's open mic... handed off to uncle bill.

 playing music with denim wedding. jennifer faust and brian kunkel. sept 12 -15 2013 norcal tour

       released a jennifer faust cd california sketchbook

 playing music with jon gonzales. released an alleyone music cd "water and whiskey"

 playing music with dave hamilton released an alleyonemusic cd "it's about time"

 released a cd with michael b serious "but seriously folks"

released 2 cds with intuitive compass "abide" and "wake up little songbird"

 released a cd "girls on couches" a special project with a great beat.

    getting air play on the KRSH sonoma county. all cds available on cd baby.

 working on a special recording project with long time friend and music mate billy stapleton  "the stereo mono brothers"  

 have several recording projects under way and video projects as well.

  please stay tuned.     it always sounds better :)


2 new cds - May 9, 2012

jon gonzales "water and whiskey" is out and available at cd baby. a wonderful collection of ukulele and vocal fueled tunes. "alleyonemusic cd compilation" is out and will be soon available at cdbaby.
also you get one direct from me....
21+ songwriters who have recorded at alleyonemusic studio.
thanks for listening.

dave ray and the deviators - December 29, 2011

my long time friend and musical companion dave ray has asked me to put a couple of tunes he has produced in his studio. very cool stuff. you'll find the tunes in the music section of alleyonemusic.

michael b serious cd - December 22, 2011

the michael b. serious cd "but seriously folks" is now available from cd baby and soon to be on itunes and all the digital download sites you can imagine.

alleyonemusic cd sampler - December 21, 2011

soon to released a cd with 21 tracks from as many writers/performers. 

jennifer faust-california sketchbook - December 21, 2011

i met jennifer at an open mic in sonoma county, ca. she was playing a white gibson flying v through a white gibson tube amp with tremolo... she was from oregon with 2 cds published: "light as a feather stiff as a board", 2007  " and "cotton jenny"
    well, it's a fairytale story from there. we started rehearsing and playing a few gigs. i wanted to capture her unique songs and sound so we started recording. this album is a sketchbook collection of songs from 2009-2011 that were performed and recorded in califonia at alleyone studios and live on kows radio, occidental ca. she has since moved back to oregon and has a duo called denim wedding.

 should be up on cd baby very soon

studio news - June 15, 2011

alleyonemusic studio time is taken up with:

                   just completed a cd with michael b.serious. it's available now....

                    uke player songwriter jon gonzales

                    singer songwriter jaclyn mae

                     singer songwriter dave hamilton

                      guitarist sebastian edmonds

                       poet writer brianna sage (she's also the rapper for the gnuz boyz "what was d'buzz")

                      collaboration project with caroline dulac

                       denim wedding a couple of california versions of their portland music.

                             free peoples trio , adam lieb and more to come.

also please check out alleyonemusic youtube

for new video performances from the bands mojo and the aqua velvets... cool stuff.

ok ok ok - February 15, 2011

yeah, i know it's been since august of last year since i've updated my website. lots going on:

d' gnuz boyz have a series of rap videos "what waz the buzz" with the news and the buzz from around the world: "what was the buzz 2010" and a monthly "what was the buzz..."  all on youtube.

two open mics that are really happening:

aubergine afterdark in sebastopol, wednesdays and cafe azul in santa rosa, fridays.


tone monster is playing...

jive samba is playing...

i'm playing bass with dave hamilton

i'm playing with bill iberti in "the stimulus package"

chris lods and terry ann gillette in "the trio"

recording michael b serious

recording tim sawyer and violinist karl kimmerle

jennifer faust is traveling to california in april... we'll be playing a few shows in northern calif.

marvin gardens  slide show videos on youtube

photos, calendar dates links and music to follow...



you tube video alert - July 8, 2010

been recording - May 4, 2010

i have been the studio with a very cool duo "little lost boys", celeste and laina. i saw them at one of my open mics and well... they have four tunes that are very cool. a cd is now available.

 i am recording a tune with cory veltman. she wrote a tune for johnny downer. it is wonderful and moving and a real spirit raiser.

i just finished playing a number of basses on the new and upcoming bottle shock cd. very cool music.

a new instrument - May 4, 2010

i have found a very cool chopped/hotrod/custom/ upright bass, a pic to follow. i picked it up april 2nd, played with jennifer faust for 5 days straight and haven't put it down except to go to the bathroom.... it's a blast and i have much to learn. i am playing it with bottle shock and will give it a try with jive samba...

miles corbin - April 21, 2010

i would like to say that my dear friend miles corbin is a courageous musical bud. it was just several months ago i got a call from him telling me he was about to under go chemo therapy for colon cancer. i was shocked. he was and continues to be so upbeat and positive. i admire his strength and fortitude in this battle. i speak with him often. he has just released a new aqua velvets cd "tiki beat", buy it today...   it's way cool.  we are all rooting for you, kahunabud.


aubergine wednesdays open mic - March 11, 2010

i am hosting the open mic at aubergine in sebastopol, ca come out and play, sing, dance, juggle, tell a story whatever you like to do... signups start at 6:pm  7-11 pm or so....


playing with bottle shock - March 11, 2010

i've been practicing with bottle shock: (no it's not a new guitar playing style) 

   it's fun finger pickin, toe tappin, harmonic, melodic, home brewed gumbo stuff         bob appleby, adam watt and michael ´╗┐´╗┐haworth.

        soon to play some gigs in sonoma county, including passport weekend friday and saturday april 23rd-24th at quivira winery. and the sebastopol apple blossom fest april 24.

open mic mania - March 9, 2010

you can call it crazy.
you can call it double your fun.
you can call it double wide entertainment.
you can call it burning the mic at both ends.
you can call it one mike on two days, wednesday and friday.
that's: two mics by one

starting wednesday, march 17th i will be hosting an open mic at aubergine in sebastopol 7 pm till around 10 pm and each following wednesday.

you may already know i am hosting an open at cafe azul on fourth st in santa rosa on friday evenings 6:30 pm -10 pm.

   choices, you have choices. so i hope to see you all in tune and in voice. :)

jennifer faust bay area tour - March 9, 2010

april 5-9 i will be playing bass with jennifer faust in venues in san francisco, marin and sonoma counties... check the calendar for dates times and venues...

fridays are back... - February 4, 2010

fridays are back.
i am going to be hosting an open mic at cafe azul 521 4th st in santa rosa, ca starting friday feb 19th 6:30 pm-10 pm with a featured band 10:15 pm-11:15 pm. the cafe is open untill midnight with food, coffee's and beer and wine. a pa system is provided. let me know if you are interested and please tell your friends.

the new year 2010 - January 14, 2010

well, as a few of you know, the ace in the hole cider pub closed in dec. 2009. my gig as host of the friday open mic has come to an end at least for the time being. rumors abound of a new and refreshing venue. 

   i am currently working on several recording projects. i say recording projects as i am not quite sure where, when and how they all may be presented to you, as: cd's, vinyl, digital downloads, mp3's or home burn't cd-r's. the music biz is in such upheaval and revolution, no one knows. "record" stores closing everyday and these stores hadn't sold a mass produced major label "record" in decades. we still can't get this image or the nomenclature of an audio recording out of our heads. where have all the flowers gone?

    i am just enjoying the process of recording and producing and creating audio. 

              happy new year and stay in touch.   thanks

those darned accordions reunion - October 27, 2009

those darned accordions are having a reunion show at cafe du nord in sf nov 6, 8pm

coveralls: a new cd of cover tunes - October 13, 2009

i am just about finished with a new cd of mine entitled coveralls. i have had several friends help me on this one. it will probably be available as digital downloads when ready. no date for release as yet.  one tune has been up on my myspace site for several months. 


rule 5: new kids on the block - October 13, 2009

there is a new band in sonoma county they are rule 5

        seven enthusiastic musicians with a two tone influence. playing original ska tunes of their own crafting. check them out here:


come out to see them on thursday dec 3rd at the ace in the hole cider pub in sebastopol 6-9:30.

studio is back - July 24, 2009

some of you may have heard that my trusty G5 mac computer of six years service took a dive a few weeks ago. well, in fact it did, but now there's a new computer (new/used) on the block and it's back up and running.
so look forward to many new music projects, as all data was saved and new tunes are soon to be coming your way...
i'm getting some sleep now.
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