well, it's been quite a whiles since i've visited this place. a lot has happened. a few more cds, a few more bands, a few old bands and much much more.

    where do i start?...

 the aqua velvets are back.  that's right. miles corbin has fought the ultimate fight and is ripping on guitar. we've played a bunch of shows this year (2013) with more to come. if you are on my email list you'll hear about them.

 i've released an alleyonemusic compilation. many artists i have met over the years at shows and open mics.

                              oh yeah,i retired from aubergine's open mic... handed off to uncle bill.

 playing music with denim wedding. jennifer faust and brian kunkel. sept 12 -15 2013 norcal tour

       released a jennifer faust cd california sketchbook

 playing music with jon gonzales. released an alleyone music cd "water and whiskey"

 playing music with dave hamilton released an alleyonemusic cd "it's about time"

 released a cd with michael b serious "but seriously folks"

released 2 cds with intuitive compass "abide" and "wake up little songbird"  http://www.intuitive-compass.com/

 released a cd "girls on couches" a special project with a great beat.

    getting air play on the KRSH sonoma county. all cds available on cd baby.

 working on a special recording project with long time friend and music mate billy stapleton  "the stereo mono brothers"  

 have several recording projects under way and video projects as well.

  please stay tuned.     it always sounds better :)