september 30, 2021... 

september 30, 2021...

have a look and a listen...

new youtube video:  "injection"


new alleyone music bandcamp site: "the pandemic sessions"  by alan stassforth and michael lindner

                                 " tent city" by michael lindner

it's been a while... 

ok it's again been years since i have updated this website... let's see

well it only took 45 years 

marvin gardens the band i played in in san francisco ca in 1968 has released a album...

vinyl, cd and digital formats.

live recordings from the matrix in sf , 5 tunes from a warner bros session in LA at sunset studios... on high moon records... excellent nostalgia...

i'm helping my musician friend rebuild his home after the sonoma county oct 2017 fires...

playing music with:

the aqua avelvets

dave hamilton

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continued to 2015 

new cds new music news:

intuitive compass-follow yours

      recorded in feb of this year at alleyonemusic. they continue to bring great tunes to record. they are currently traveling across country in a converted school bus.

the rains-stubborn dreams

      recorded at smash recording nashville, tn and alleyonemusic, healdsburg, ca. compiled from prior sessions in nashville. edited, additional recordings, mixing and mastering here. marty and carol…

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too much to talk about 

but i'll try,

new cd with my friend of 45 years, billy stapleton. 

"moon over healdsburg" limited edition. i have a few. it will be available on cd baby and all digital distributuion very soon. not your father's music cd... :)

the aqua velvets are playing and miles corbin will be in the studio for a session... i'm excited.

just finished tracking a new intuitive compass cd...

tracking a new jon gonzales cd

tracking a new michael b. serious cd

 look out for music from the rains...

dave hamilton has been…

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well, it's been quite a whiles since i've visited this place. a lot has happened. a few more cds, a few more bands, a few old bands and much much more.

    where do i start?...

 the aqua velvets are back.  that's right. miles corbin has fought the ultimate fight and is ripping on guitar. we've played a bunch of shows this year (2013) with more to come. if you are on my email list you'll hear about them.

 i've released an alleyonemusic compilation. many artists i have met over the years at shows and open…

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2 new cds 

jon gonzales "water and whiskey" is out and available at cd baby. a wonderful collection of ukulele and vocal fueled tunes. "alleyonemusic cd compilation" is out and will be soon available at cdbaby. also you get one direct from me.... 21+ songwriters who have recorded at alleyonemusic studio. thanks for listening.

dave ray and the deviators 

my long time friend and musical companion dave ray has asked me to put a couple of tunes he has produced in his studio. very cool stuff. you'll find the tunes in the music section of alleyonemusic.

michael b serious cd 

the michael b. serious cd "but seriously folks" is now available from cd baby and soon to be on itunes and all the digital download sites you can imagine.

jennifer faust-california sketchbook 

i met jennifer at an open mic in sonoma county, ca. she was playing a white gibson flying v through a white gibson tube amp with tremolo... she was from oregon with 2 cds published: "light as a feather stiff as a board", 2007  " and "cotton jenny"
    well, it's a fairytale story from there. we started rehearsing and playing a few gigs. i wanted to capture her unique songs and sound so we started recording. this album is a sketchbook collection of songs from 2009-2011 that were performed and recorded in…

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