too much to talk about

but i'll try,

new cd with my friend of 45 years, billy stapleton. 

"moon over healdsburg" limited edition. i have a few. it will be available on cd baby and all digital distributuion very soon. not your father's music cd... :)

the aqua velvets are playing and miles corbin will be in the studio for a session... i'm excited.

just finished tracking a new intuitive compass cd...

tracking a new jon gonzales cd

tracking a new michael b. serious cd

 look out for music from the rains...

dave hamilton has been seen hanging around the studio microphones... 

 tracking a wonderful singer/writer paul henry

a new alleyonemusic  compilation will be out hopefully by the end of the year.

i remember my parents talking about losing friends in their later lives.

 it's happening to me and i don't like it.

so keep tuned in and further news will be posted.