it's been a while...

ok it's again been years since i have updated this website... let's see

well it only took 45 years 

marvin gardens the band i played in in san francisco ca in 1968 has released a album...

vinyl, cd and digital formats.

live recordings from the matrix in sf , 5 tunes from a warner bros session in LA at sunset studios... on high moon records... excellent nostalgia...

i'm helping my musician friend rebuild his home after the sonoma county oct 2017 fires...

playing music with:

the aqua avelvets

dave hamilton

jon gonzales and carissa green

the rains

recording several projects with:

dave hamilton

jon gonzales

the rains

holden ukelele player


vintage u.s. made harmony, kay and various japanese basses and guitars


music releases:

hump      jon gonzales

suck a fish  surgical sturgeon 

the chipper   gualala 

all on cd baby...